Why should I use a business intermediary, business broker or M&A advisor?

  1. Confidentiality in exposing the opportunity. Business brokers and M&A advisors have experience in confidential marketing. When selecting your advisor, inquire if they use virtual data rooms to share information with the buyer pool.
  2. Professional Valuations. Professional business brokers and M&A Advisors are trained in business valuation methods and will spend a significant amount of time prior to going to market pulling comparable sales data and digging into the business’s financials so that the valuation is defensible once the buyers begin their inquiries.
  3. Negotiation without personal and emotional attachment. Business brokers and M&A Advisors can depersonalize the discussions around transition, vendor financing and price.
  4. Knowledge of the process and its pitfalls. Professional business brokers and M&A advisors will have many years of experience working with buyers so they know they know the most efficient path to a successful deal.