What is cash-flow financing?

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Cash-flow financing is a type of loan that is backed by a company’s expected cash flows. This form of financing can be either short-term or long-term. Repayments are dependent on the projected future cash flows. Cash flow financing can be used to fund company operations or for ...

What is a bridge loan?

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A bridge loan is a type of short-term loan provided, for typically less than one year, to an entity before it can arrange for long-term financing. While bridge loans have a faster application, approval, and funding process they have higher interest rates and usually require collateral. ...

What is senior debt?

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Senior debt refers to debt that has a higher ranking in the capital structure. In the event of a default, lenders get repayments prior to junior/unsecured debt holders, as well as equity investors. Such debt is secured by collateral and thus, has lower interest rates compared to subordinated ...

What is a convertible loan?

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A convertible loan is a hybrid loan with features of both debt and equity. These bonds give creditors the option to convert loans into equity at certain periods after bond issuance. These bonds are unsecured and usually have lower interest rates. Lenders are generally more willing ...

Business Brokerage Firm in Mississauga

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Mississauga is on fire these days, at least it seems this way. Driving through the office park areas there seems to be new companies popping up every day. We own a very successful manufacturing business and we are looking to acquire other complimentary businesses that would align ...

Business Broker in Oakville

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Looking to relocate to Oakville and at the same time would like to start researching businesses for sale in the Oakville area. Do you have experience in the Oakville business market and knowledge of current Oakville-based businesses for sale? 

Business Broker North Toronto

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My partners and I own a bunch of different businesses and were debating if we are currenty in a sellers market or a buyers market. We wanted to hear the thoughts of a Business Brokerage Firm in Toronto on this matter.   thanks 

Business Broker Markham

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Hi there, my family and I are new to the Markham area and as a serial entrepreneur I am always looking for businesses to buy. Do you have experience and knowledge of businesses in the Markham area? We have great experience in distribution, manufacturing and retail types of businesses. ...

Small business for sale in Toronto

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Looking to buy a small business in Toronto. But the more I look online the more confused I get. Everything from Kijiji, to corporate franchises to directories comes up but I have no clue how to weed through it all. Can you help me determine what type of business would be ideal for ...

Toronto Businesses for sale

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Hi Beacon,   I am looking to find a directory of Toronto Businesses for sale. Do you have access to a list of current businesses for sale in the Toronto area?   Thanks AnswerHi Nicole,   Thanks for your question about finding Toronto businesses for sale. We have access to many different resources and directories which have businesses for sale in Toronto. We also have ...