Looking to buy a medium sized business in Toronto

Hi Beacon Brokerage,
I am a serial entrepreneur looking to expand my portfolio. However, my partners and I are are a bit tired of starting a business from scratch so this time around we are looking to buy an existing business. We have a few industries in mind but not sure where to even start the process. Can you help with finding, researching and ultimately helping us buy a medium sized business in Toronto? 


By Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions
Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your question to our interactive blog. 
Buying an existing business certainly has its benefits in comparison to starting something from scratch. One of the main benefits is that you can do due diligence on that business and gain a full understanding of its history, success, failures and more. 
Through our current listings as well as the many partners we have, we constantly have access to thousands of businesses for sale. They key thing is finding the right business for you. We have 6 simple steps to help buyers looking to buy a business: 
  1. Identify the best type of business that fits the buyer’s interest and expertise
  2. Put together a short list of our recommended business that we feel would be the best fit for you
  3. Formal Introductory meeting between you and the seller as well as a visit to the business to see their operation(s) 
  4. Negotiation of the terms in the Purchase Agreement;
  5. Investigation during the Due Diligence period;
  6. The closing of the transaction

At Beacon, our experience and passion are to help buyers find the most suitable business for them and to ensure they get it for the right price and the right terms. We would love to meet with you and your partners for a free and confidential consultation where we can learn more about each other. Please call our office to book a time that works for you. 416-228-1200

Thanks and looking forward to meeting.
Will Fischtein, Founding Partner