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Hello Beacon Brokerage,
I am a partner in a medium-sized law firm. Over the years we have developed a significant amount of strategic partners who are complimentary but not competitive to our business. These partnerships have allowed us to offer a larger suite of legal services than our in-house capabilities and core-competencies. We are now interested in either merging with or making an offer to acquire a few of these strategic partners but have no clue how to even get started. Is this something that you can help us with?


By Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions
Hi Samantha,
This is a great question and it is absolutely an area of our expertise. There are many options for you to consider in undertaking this exciting venture in either merging or acquiring companies that you are currently allied with strategically. As well tell all of our clients, even if you think you know and trust a company from past dealings, you never really know about how they operate until you can do due diligence.
Our team of professional brokers will walk you through all of the options and processes involved to help first and foremost investigate the potential viability of this merger or acquisition as well as lay out the various options, and steps required to ensure you are making the best business decision for your firm.
Furthermore, once you decide which type of merger or acquisition that you want to proceed with, as a full service brokerage we can facilitate and handle all details of the transaction and ensure the best business structure is put in place to protect you and your business. 
Please call my office to book a free consultation and ask for me, Will Fischtein. (I am one of the founding partners). 416-288-1200
Thanks again, Will.