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Hi Beacon Brokerage,
My partners and I are getting ready to sell one of our Toronto-based businesses. There are a lot of business brokers out there which I am sure do a great job but we are looking for a firm that really understands our industry which is in the manufacturing sector focused on residential products.  Does your Toronto brokerage have experience in selling manufacturer-based businesses?


By Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions
Hi, and on behalf of Beacon Brokerage thank you for submitting your question to our blog.
My Name is Will Fischtein and I am one of the founding partners of Beacon Brokerage. One of the things which I feel makes our team at Beacon unique is our passion to not just sell businesses but to learn, study and become experts in the industry's they are part of.
Our focus to learn about the industry's that our clients' businesses are part of has allowed us to build a vast wealth of knowledge across many industries including but not limited to manufacturing, distribution & wholesale, Transportation & Logistics, professional practices to name a few.
From our FREE and CONFIDENTIAL initial consultation we will be able to learn about your business and walk you through a few case study's of other transactions that we have handled which closely relate to your business.
Please call my office to book you free consultation. We would be happy to come to your office or host you at ours. We look forward to learning more about your business. Thank you for contacting us.
M. Will Fischtein