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Hi Beacon,
My name is Nicole and I have been running my small family-owned business, which was originally started by my dad back in 1964. Our business is quite successful and as a family, we have all agreed that it is time to sell the business. With the goal of getting top dollar for our business, we are thinking about hiring a business broker to help us sell. My question to you is what makes Beacon Brokerage the best business broker in Toronto?
Thanks, Nicole. 


By Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions
Hi Nicole,
Thank you so much for submitting your question to our interactive blog. Congratulations on coming to the decision of selling your family business. At Beacon Brokerage, we have worked with many family businesses over the years and we know just how challenging it can be to get family members on board with the decision to sell. 
As one of the founding partners of Beacon, what I feel that makes us different than other business brokers in Toronto, is our customer-focused approach. Where many brokerage firms focus purely on the transaction we pride our selves in taking the extra time to make sure you, the business owner, fully understands all of the options out there and help you choose the best path for you. 
Our team of dedicated Business Broker specialists use our proprietary system to not only prepare your business for sale but we also help ensure that the valuation, marketing and positioning of your business is done fair and honestly. We work hard to ensure that the purchaser of your business will be the right fit. After all of your hard years of work and dedication that last thing we know our clients would want to see is their business fail in the hands of a new owner.
We offer a FREE no hassle initial discovery and consultation where we can learn more about your business and you can learn more about us. Please call my office and ask for me personally and we can book a time that is convenient for you and your team to meet. Our main office number is 416-228-1200 or you can e-mail us at
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Thanks for the quick reply Will! I will call your office on Monday morning to book an appointment.
Have a great weekend.